Eagleview Trail, Osage Covestate Park

Here is a great trail to run:  Eagleview Trail, which is east of Kaw Lake, near Ponca City.  You can run from a trail head at Osage Covestate park which goes out to Burbank Landing (bring your own water during the run) for 9.5miles and take the Burbank Landing loop back. Total distance is about 19miles.

Another way you can run it is to drive to Burbank Landing and run the loop, which is 6.5miles.  Since you can park very near to the beginning of the trail, you can leave water in your vehicle and run multiple loops.

Directions to Osage Cove:
11-12 miles east of Ponca City on Highway 60, turn North on Lake Road after the sign to Kaw Lake (should be a sign for Osage Cove and also for a water park).  Take the first right and follow the road for about 1.5 miles until it turns into a dirt road and you will see a left turn into Osage Cove.  Take the left and after about 1/3 mile, turn into the first parking lot on your right.  You will see the trail head.   Look for yellow fiberglass trail markers marking the trail (either has a hiker or a horse on it).  Osage Cove has water, but I wouldn't drink it.  Smells like Sulfur, so bring plenty of your own to drink.  This part of the trail tends to be submerged in the spring when the lake is high.  You can call the Army Corps. to find out.  If flooded switch to plan B below:

Directions to Burbank Landing:
Instead of turning left into Osage Cove, continue on the dirt road and follow it until you come to a T intersection.  Turn left and follow until the road becomes paved again.  As soon as it is paved, on a straight, level section of the road, at about halfway along this stretch look for a trail and park anywhere along the road.   Most of this section is in good shape as our bike club clears it about twice a year.

On both sections of trail you will come to one or more cattle gates.  Be sure to close them when you go through.  Also, it would be a smart idea to use Ivy Block as the poison ivy gets bad in the late spring and summer.