Stanley Draper Bike Trails, Mid West City

Directions:  From south Oklahoma city take the I-240 to the Sooner Rd exit and follow the signs to the Stanley Draper lake marina. Stanley Draper lake is located south of Tinker Air force base.

Trail Information:  From the marina parking lot head north towards the highway and follow the first dirt road down along the lake, you will see BMX, or motorcycle trails through the woods, the trail system is moderately extensive about 6 miles, you can find additional routes to increase the distance. The trails consist of narrow twisting loose dirt and firm surface trails, their are small grades and rough terrain in spots,  most of the trail is challenging depending on how hard you push your self.  Their are no water stops so plan on bringing your own or wait to get to the store at the marina when your finished.

Miscellaneous Information: Their are several trails and routes to choose from and encompass most of the lake area. it is easy to go from hard pavement to dirt road and trail all in the same day because of the extensive motor cycle trails throughout the area.

Chris Peeples