Belcrest Cemetery (Croisan Scenic Way Trail), Salem

Directions:  Take I-5 to Kuebler exit, head West on Kuebler to Liberty, turn north on Liberty. Take Liberty all the way to Browning (Past Roths Sunnyslope) Turn West on Browning, Drive for about 1/2 mile until you see trees and sign shaped like a book, that says Belcrest Cemetary... Start running!

Another way to enter trail... Take Browning all the way to end, don't turn on the cloudview, but keep straight into dead end, you'll see a steep downhill path done by a tractor, run down and you can take a left or a right. (Go to trail map)

Trail Information: Although I don't know who keeps up trails, they are rather nice, not too loose. Trails are right behind cemetery and then some, Take about an hour to explore. You can run for about a 40 minute jog.

Miscellaneous Information:  There's a landmark we call the "lost road" It seems like the surrounding neighborhoods were going to expand, but decided not to, leaving a road in the middle of the woods with no outlet, If you find it, you're in the middle of the trail, you can head either left or right and run for about 20 minutes