Bear Creek Resort, Macungie

Directions: From Macungie, follow the many signs and arrows pointing to Bear Creek Ski resort. You'll see a sign in area that says "trailhead" park next to it, trail is to your left. They do provide maps there, and bear creek does want you to sign in at the hotel your first time, they give you a wrist band that's good all season.

Trail Information: Start from the parking lot on the blue trail, this area can be confusing, the map is not the best and there are different trails all over the place, I just keep heading up, until you get right next to one of the ski slopes and trail markers turn orange, follow orange all the way to the top of the mountain, continue to follow orange (there's some "black diamond" trails that connect with the orange trail at certain points, however, I don't find them to be that difficult and they tend to be a shorter way around), the orange trail then becomes red and you follow that all the way back to the parking lot

Miscellaneous Information: A great run, watch out for mountain bikes and hikers, and turkeys!


Update (4/28/2011)

Directions: For directions, visit our website at

Trail Information: Bear Creek has over 6 miles of hiking and biking trails.  Our trails includes lots of twisty single track, open mining roads and plenty of switchbacks

Gary Kline