Lackawanna Valley Heritage Trail/Mellow Park, Scranton

Directions: Take US 6 Scranton Carbondale Highway, follow US 6 to Terrace Drive (light before Sebastianelliâs Rest), take a right onto Terrace Drive, take a right onto Wildcat Road at Route 247, follow Route 247 to light at Keystone Avenue,  turn left onto Route 247, go through light at Main Street, follow Keystone Avenue to park.

Accessible off Main Street in Peckville and Pa Route 247

Trail Information: 5 mile trail along the Lackawanna River. It does continue through other borough parks

Miscellaneous Information: Considered the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, this crushed stone trail follows the river through old rail lines. A portion of the trail is part of the Steamtown Marathon held annually in early October.