Steve Faloon Trail (Killer Hill) in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh

Directions: Schenley Park is located very close to Carnegie Mellon University. There are many points of entry to the park, including across from Phipps Conservatory. Contact Pittsburgh City Parks & Recreation for a complete listing.

Trail Information:   All trails in the park are very wide and excellent for training.

Miscellaneous Information: There are also 2 local tracks in the surrounding area: one is at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), and the other is beside the trails at the Schenley Oval. This one is a cinder track surrounded by an outside, gravel( 3/4 mile) track

Molly Sullivan

Additional Inputs:

Directions: Oakland, pass Phipps Conservatory to Circuit Drive across from Westinghouse Pond.  A short walk on the right side of the road to enter.

Trail Information: Not quite a mile, leading to other trails. The famous "Killer Hill" is not too far into the Trail. Trail not narrow. Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy keeps it in very good condition.

Miscellaneous Information: New, modernized Visitor Center.  Food, drinks, restrooms, shower...Center is across from Phipps Conservatory. Very clean and well-kept thanks to Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy .

Patricia Faloon