Tyler Arboretum and Ridley Creek State Park

In suburban Philadelphia, Delaware County, Tyler Arboretum and Ridley Creek State park Border each other. There is a network of wonderful trails that local cross country competitors train on. The scenery of expansive hollows, blue herons, Redwood trees and historic building makes the joy of trail running even greater. Trails are marked by color, and they link the arboretum and state park nicely. These areas are off the main drag of the park, so a private, mystic, self re-newing run is always at your feet. The trails have long flat expanses, as well as challenging hills. The trails are found at Sycamore Mills ( a fly-fishing area)  off of Bishop Hollow Road, which runs south off of West Chester Pike (RT.3) in Newtown Square. Happy Trails Runners!!

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