Buffalo Mountain, Johnson City

Directions: From I-26 take 321 west into Johnson City.
Left on Cherokee
Immediate Left on Buffalo
Right on Rolling Hills
Right on High Ridge Road
This Ridge dominates the southern skyline of Johnson City.
It is easily identifiable by the grouping of radio towers on the Western Shoulder.

Trail Information: This is a rugged hilly trail set up by the BSA several years ago.  There are various distances and difficulty levels from the trail head and trail markers along the way.  Trail head has picnic area and parking. This trail has several forks and loops and culminates at Tip-Top, approximately 4.5 miles round trip.  Easily 10+ miles of total trail

Miscellaneous Information: I've run this trail often over the past 6 months.  It is a great escape and allows for varying levels of skill and fitness as the terrain and incline change as you alter routes.  Several streams and overlooks. 

There are two main trails.  One criss crosses the access road up to the towers.  This trail has a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge mountains from a long rocky overhang (White Rocks).  This is a very challenging and steep climb.
The second main trail is a series of switchbacks and loops up to the ridgeback.  The ridgeback trail will connect you over to the towers as well.

There is a another trail area further down the ridge for ATVs and Mountain bikes which is accessible from Cherokee Blvd.

Joe Brandt