Haw Ridge Park,  Oak Ridge

Directions: From Pellissippi I 140 from Knoxville take Pellissippi all the way into Oak Ridge. As you cross over Melton Hill Lake exit north onto Edgemoor Rd. The parking area is approx 1 mile on the right.

Trail Information: Haw Ridge is huge! This place has loads of trails and I would recommend taking a free map from the pavilion at the parking area before you head out. You will go a short distance on a paved trail (maybe 100yds) and to your right the trails begin. The trails are all single track. Many are twisty, hilly, rocky and rooted. In other words, they are super fun. There are almost always other trail users, lots of mtn bikes,  and there are two weekends during the hunting season where the park is closed except for hunting. The dates will be posted on the TWRA website or at the pavilion where you park. These trails are well maintained and pretty well marked with really nice "you are here" maps on posts.

Kate Long