River Legacy Park, Arlington

Directions: From I-30 go north on Fielder Rd. to Green Oaks.  Go right on Green Oaks approx. 1-mile to entrance of park (enter park on left).  Take a left at split in road (.2 miles) and go to the only parking lot on the left, trailhead is here.

Trail Information: Trail is very well maintained by DORBA (thanks DORBA).  Run in opposite direction of bikers, which means enter trail on the north side of parking lot.  This is a flat dirt trail with few obstacles/rocks or roots.

Miscellaneous Information: The total outside circumference is approx. 6+ miles, with cutoffs to make route shorter.  All but .6 miles is in trees.  No water or facilities on the trail.  Be on the alert for wild hogs, bobcats and other wildlife.  Some nice overlooks of the Trinity River are included.

Chris Stewart