Malan's Basin / Taylor Canyon, Ogden

Directions: Get on Washington or Harrison Boulevards and turn east on 27th Street.  Follow 27th Street to the end of town and the base of the Wasatch Mountains. 

Trail Information: Trail Beginning: 4900 ft. elevation. 27th Street Ogden

Trail Ending: 8400 ft. elevation at Malan's Basin
Access: The route to Malan's Basin (draining lofty Mount Ogden) is via Taylor Canyon.  The trail begins at the eastern end of 27th Street.  Follow this trail (or any feeder trail you end up on) a few hundred yards east into the big canyon, Taylor Canyon, that lies in front of you.  Run up the main trail in the canyon approximately 3/4 miles to the junction where Taylor Canyon Trail goes up the slope to the South.  Turn right (south) here.  (This is the Malan's Basin Trail. If you do not turn right, and you stay on the main trail in the bottom of the canyon, you will head to Mount Ogden.  It's a nice trail, but you'll miss the vistas of the Ogden Valley that are on the Malan's Basin trail.)   After a couple miles of steep zig zag trails and some excellent vista views, you will reach a high mountain valley called Malan's Basin.  Many years ago, a boarding house was run in the basin.  It was reached via pack strings the same way you just ran up.  There is a pleasant perennial stream in the Basin that provides a refreshing plunge.  It flows over a large cliff and forms a very beautiful waterfall below Malan's Basin.  Take a side trip cross country to see it before you run back down. 

Attractions & Considerations: The trail provides beautiful scenery and views of the Ogden area. Scrub oak and Douglas fir make for a spectacular hike during the fall. Wildflowers are beautiful during spring and summer months. Geologic features and cliffs are everywhere in this area.

Length: 3.5 mi. one way (est.)

Recommended Season: mid spring to end of fall

Use: Moderate (Hiking)

Difficulty: Easy first mile (warm-up), very challenging once you turn south and head up the slope to the Basin.
USGS Map(s): Ogden, Snow Basin

Jeff Cundick