Rattlesnake Gulch, Pipeling

Directions: Go up Millcreek Canyon, about one mile or so, and the trail head will be the first trail head of the canyon.  Go on that trail and just follow the signs.  And if you want to try some of the other trails, there is a map at the bast of the trail.

Trail Information: The first part is steep on a dirt and rock trail.   On this trail you will encounter some steps that will make your thighs burn, and for dessert, after the steps are three switchbacks.  After you are done with the switchbacks you will have to climb a steep sheet of rock that takes you to the easy part of the run.  When you are done with that hill, it is easy to the road, then you have to run on the road to back to the parking lot.  Or if you like, you can take the trail back.