Algonkian Trails, Algonkian Park

Directions: From Route 7 take Cascades parkway north towards Algonkian Regional Park. You will come to a light at Cascades Parkway and Algonkian Parkway.   Continue crossing Algonkian Parkway.  Follow the road left which will turn into Fairway Dr. when you enter the park.  About 1/4 mile into the park turn left towards the pool. Follow directions to the cottages where you will start the run.

Trail Information: Follow the cottage road until you read the end.   In the left corner in front of you, you will see a trail.  Take that trail until you reach a gravel road.  Towards the end of the gravel road you will come to a fork.  You can go either way you will end up in the same spot.  Once on the gravel road turn left and follow it to the parking lot.  Once at the parking lot take the path to your left.  This path will follow Algonkian parkway.  Take this path all the way to Cascades parkway.  Turn left and follow Fairway Dr. to the pool entrance then to the cottages where you started.

Miscellaneous Information: I am not sure but this trail is about 4-5 miles.

Danny D