Conway Robinson State Park, Manassas

Directions: Take I-66 to the Rt 29 North exit, Conway Robinson is about 1/4 mile off the exit on the Rt 29 westbound side.  The sign is small.  The park is adjacent to the Manassas National Battlefield Park.

Trail Information: To the right of the parking lot, next to the information board (check to see if there are any maps), take the trail/fire road.  After approx. 15 yards turn right onto a trail that leads into the forest.  This will T after about a mile as you cross a nice footbridge and several small streams, take a left onto a nice, wide path and continue across the gas pipeline right of way and then another T, take a left onto a nice elevated trail.  Continue about 1/2 mile, take your next R.  Follow this trail for about 3 miles through a man-planted pine forest and beautiful forest as it loops back to your original starting point. There are many other trails you can take off of this big loop for variety and for a change of scenery.  

Miscellaneous Information: The great thing about Conway Robinson is that there are few people on the trails, lots of wildlife, some good variety.  It is hard to get lost since nearly all the trails loop back on each other and because you are bounded by Rt 29, a housing development, and some huge, open fields that are part of the battlefield; which has endless trail running opportunities.  These trails are very sloppy after it rains, have some wicked rocks (mountain bikers built most of the trails) but are fairly flat with some small hills to keep the heart rate up.  Overall, a very relaxing run that generally takes me about 40 minutes at a fairly easy pace.

J. Riley