River Bend to Great Falls, Great Falls

Directions: You can get to this trail from either River Bend Regional Park or Great Falls National Park. Here are directions to River Bend. From Georgetown Pike, turn onto River Bend Rd. After the stop sign at Arnon Chapel Rd, turn right onto Jeffrey Rd. Then turn right on Potomac Hills St, which leads into the park. There are small signs all along that you can follow. The trail starts near the boat launch.

Trail Information: This trail runs along the Potomac river between River Bend Regional Park and Great Falls National Park. It's nicely shaded and not very crowded. Most of the trail is dirt, and it can get pretty muddy after a rain. There is an area where you follow a wide gravel path. There are also a couple of very small rocky hills, but the rest is fairly flat. The trail is only a couple of miles long, but you could continue onto the trails in Great Falls National Park. If you start in Great Falls park there are some short trails at River Bend that you could continue onto. There are info centers with bathrooms and water fountains in both parks.

Miscellaneous Information: If you haven't seen the Great Falls in Great Falls, check them out! Following the trail from River Bend into Great Falls, you don't have to pay a fee to enter Great Falls National Park. If you start in Great Falls park you will have to pay the fee. There may be a fee to enter River Bend on weekends if you're not from Fairfax County.

Kirsten Suhr