Liberty Lake/Mica Peak, Spokane 

Directions: From Spokane, drive E. on I-90 to the Liberty Lake Exit for approx. 20 minutes; Go South and follow signs to the trailhead at Liberty Lake County Park.

Trail Information: The designated loop is 6 miles with approximately 1,500 feet of elevation gain. The trails begins gently, gradually gaining elevation over the first couple of miles. The second leg is more demanding, with several switchbacks and a beautiful waterfall set amongst cedar groves to cool you off. Once over the highpoint, the trail descends down an old road all the way back to the park. An excellent moderate trail run under 30 minutes from Spokane.

Miscellaneous Information: For the more intrepid, this run can be extended from the highpoint up old logging roads and trails to the summit of Mica Peak. This adds approximately 3 more miles and another 1,500 ft. of elevation gain one way. There are several opportunities for new routes in this area.

Jake Ostman