Patteson State Park Trails, Superior

Directions:   I 35 South

Trail Information:   This is an idealistic place if you are interested in quiet, non-interrupted trail running, especially during the winter!  There are trees galore, wildlife (deer, squirrels, small animals), streams, rivers, waterfalls and "resting" spots where you can devour every ounce of the beautiful scenery.  You won't find any water fountains on the trails, only in the park. The trails are usually not kept up well in the winter, but offer a great challenge!  This is an easy place to motivate and relax you on your journey for personal fitness! I don't recall the exact names of all the trails, they are usually determined by what waterfall or campsite you want to find.  They range from .5 miles to 7 miles.  ENJOY!

Miscellaneous Information:  Patteson State Park offers camping, hiking, waterfalls and swimming.  There is a fee to enter, $3.00/hour parking or a year pass for $18.00 (WI resident)...The parking lots are monitored much more during the summer will get a ticket!

Toni Podgorak