Death Canyon Loop, Jackson

Directions: Death Canyon trailhead is 4 miles north of Teton Village on the Moose-Wilson Road; it is located in Grand Teton National Park.

Trail Information: This is a great 25 mile loop, 100% single track.   There is a lot of elevation change, with the steepest section being a 3 mile section that gains 3,000'.  The trailhead starts at about 6,500', and tops out at 10,800' at the Static Peak Divide (add an extra mile r/t and 500' vertical to summit Static Peak).  There is a fairly technical rocky section a couple of miles long that you'll encounter twice; be careful coming down as you will be tired, and the rocks are very loose and unforgiving.  This trail can be crowded for the first and last 4 miles (which is out and back), then the loop is where the steep mountain running, more animals, snow-field crossings, open meadows, high ridges, beautiful Teton views, bears and other animals, and minimal people will greet you.  Carry plenty of food, water (and a filter), jacket, gloves, and hat, as this is a long, high-altitude, mountain run.  As with most mountain runs, start early to avoid afternoon thunderstorms.

Miscellaneous Information: After this great run, go to Signal Mtn. Lodge, also in Grand Teton National Park, about 30 minutes north of the trailhead.  Sit on the deck and enjoy the great nachos, margaritas, and views of the lake and mountains!

Sean Meissner