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Fill out the following form and press the send mail button to email us your trail. We will then post your trail information to the appropriate state/country trail page. We need the following information:
1. Trail Name - Short name associated with the Trail.
2. State or non-US Country that the trail is located in.
3. Closest city or major landmark that identifies the start of the trail. This should allow people that live in the state to determine if the trail is close to where they live.
4. Directions to the trail - Provide driving directions from a major city or landmark and highway numbers along the way.
5. Trail Information - Provide information concerning the type of trail, distance, running conditions (loose dirt, hilly, flat, etc.), alternate routes, water stops, etc.
6. Miscellaneous Information - Provide any additional information that you feel is appropriate. If you know of good restaurants or stops along the way, provide these.
7. Email Address - Provide your email address so we can contact you if we have questions concerning your trail.
8. Name - If you would like your name included as the source of trail information, then provide in this field (optional).

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